Meet Jett

Jett Jenkins is a Brooklyn, NY based indie pop artist who layers dreamy, colorful production behind heavy lyricism.

With stylings residing somewhere between Billie Eilish and Blondie, this poignant singer and songwriter leaned into her passions after having an inspirational experience at a Clairo concert. Years of playing the guitar and performing in musical theater prepared this emerging artist to dive into her music career; her debut E.P. is described as relatable, emotional, and delivering “lyrics beyond her years.”

Alongside her debut in music, Jenkins is preparing to make the transition into young adulthood as she anticipates the move from home to college. This promising powerhouse makes a showstopping introduction in her first single, “City In Anger,” in which she captivates listeners with passionate vocals, invigorating instrumentation, lyrics steeped in melancholy.

Jett Jenkins, with her spellbinding charisma, is on track to find a home on the playlist of indie-pop lovers for years to come.

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