Jett Jenkins is a Brooklyn based indie pop artist who layers dreamy, colorful production behind heavy lyricism.

Meet Jett Jenkins
Jett Jenkins is a Brooklyn based indie pop artist who layers dreamy, colorful production behind
heavy lyricism.

With stylings residing somewhere between Billie Eilish and Blondie, this poignant singer-songwriter leaned into her passions after having an inspirational experience at a Clairo concert. Years of playing the guitar and performing in musical theater prepared this emerging artist to dive into her music career; her debut E.P. is described as relatable, emotional, and delivering “lyrics beyond her years.”

Alongside her debut in music, Jenkins is preparing to make the transition into young adulthood as she anticipates the move from home to college. This promising powerhouse makes a showstopping introduction in her first single, “City In Anger,” in which she captivates listeners with passionate vocals, invigorating instrumentation, lyrics steeped in melancholy.

Jett Jenkins, with her spellbinding charisma, is on track to find a home on the playlist of indie-pop lovers for years to come.

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Through My Eyes delicately captures Jett Jenkins’ experiences with deep grief and the most transformative years of her life to date.

DALLAS, TX (March 10, 2022) – Dallas indie pop artist Jett Jenkins just released her debut EP, Through My Eyes, which is a culmination of heartbreak, loss, changing friendships, and coming of age experiences. Each of the five songs on the project documents deeply personal, life changing events that occurred in Jett’s world over the last few years. After losing her father, friends, and the reality she knew her whole life, the artist took to songwriting as an outlet for her grief. Jett hopes these songs offer comfort to those experiencing similar losses.

“Through My Eyes is a personal testament to my grief and feelings for a year of my life,” says Jett. “These songs pour out words I couldn’t speak. They are very close to my heart and mean the world to me.”

Sonically, the EP captures the rock influences Jett grew up with, while introducing a strong sense of indie pop that allows fans of all backgrounds to enjoy listening. Inspired by strong female artists like Phoebe Bridgers, the singer found her sound naturally – blending the styles she most enjoys as a music fan with the raw vulnerability of honest lyrics. In addition to streaming now, Through My Eyes will soon be available on vinyl, yet to be announced. Dallas fans can join Jett in celebration of this monumental milestone at her EP/vinyl release party on April 24 at The Barley House – ticket info coming soon.


DALLAS, TX (November 14, 2021) – Indie-pop singer-songwriter Jett Jenkins released her debut single, “City In Anger,” on November 14. This track – oozing with personality, charisma, and invigorated by Jenkin’s buttery vocals – serves as the perfect introduction for this female powerhouse. Reminiscent of songs from artists like Clairo and Billie Eilish, Jenkins does an outstanding job of articulating her authentic story in relatable terms (and intensely danceable beats). This track is a catchy bedroom pop vibe kissed with a subtle pop-punk edge that perfectly captures Jenkin’s artistic identity. “City In Anger” showcases undeniable finesse, while never once allowing the raw emotion behind Jenkin’s performance to feign.

She wrote this melancholic anthem late-night on New Year’s Day in Malibu. For Jenkins, this moment was characterized as a time of distress in which she craved stability and comfort, despite feeling like the world was spinning around her. The emerging artist had no problem demanding the listener’s full attention on this track; hypnotic verses unfold into a harmonically decadent chorus impossible not to dance along to. Jenkins found, through writing “City In Anger”, that embracing chaos is sometimes the best way to find peace. Fans can look forward to a limited edition 45rpm vinyl available only on Jenkins’ website, with City In Anger on side A and her version of Silent Night on Side B.


“Joyride” is a heart wrenching diary entry from Jett Jenkins most traumatic life events. 

DALLAS, TEXAS (February 11, 2022) – Indie-pop artist Jett Jenkins just released her moody new single “Joyride” to introduce her upcoming summer EP Through My Eyes. Written by Jenkins, the single touches on the trivial life events that deeply impacted the singer’s outlook on the past, present and future. Experiencing the loss of her father, while also losing friends, Jenkins plunged into a sea of sadness. “Joyride” is a beautiful, heart wrenching diary entry for this young woman’s most emotional and trying times. “This song is very dear to me and represents my deepest and inner feelings,” says Jenkins. “It truly means so much to me.”

Jenkins is no stranger to using her music as an outlet for grief, mental health, and the other battles of being human. “After, this is how it feels,” she sings. “Blankness, numbness, nothing.” Listeners can sink into the raw feelings of grief as Jenkins’ delicate vocals lead them through an emotional process of realizing their reality.


This exciting 7” limited edition vinyl features Jenkins’ Debut Single, “City In Anger” alongside an entrancing rendition of “Silent Night” 

DALLAS, TX (November 13, 2021) – Indie alt-pop singer-songwriter Jett Jenkins brings her debut single, “City In Anger,” and holiday classic, “Silent Night,” to vinyl on December 1st. This release is inspired by Jett’s love for the holidays with “Silent Night” being one of her long-time favorites. This song has always been special to her, “It’s such a deep reflection of a spiritual longing for peace,” she says. Jenkins seamlessly blends her unique style with a classic in this arrangement. She did not just cover the Christmas carol, rather she transformed it into a Jett Jenkins song; the depth of her style shines brilliantly on this track. She worked with guitarist and mixing engineer Reed McBroom to compose this calming guitar driven acoustic version. With Jenkins’ charismatic pop-punk-kissed debut, “City In Anger,” on side A, and her hypnotic arrangement of “Silent Night” on side B, this limited edition vinyl came just in time for bedroom pop lovers this holiday season.

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